Digital Marketing Tools and Resources

This list is by no mean exhaustive – please share your best FREE resources for developing your digital presence in the comments box. I think its good to share. Let’s help each other by sharing!


  • Website Platform – WordPress or weebly ( I personally prefer WordPress)
  • Multiple Social Networking ManagingHootsuite -one of several tools available, but Hootsuite is my favourite. We have been using this at Luton Culture for a while now
  • E-newsletter – Mailchimp – a free e-newsletter service for up to 2000 subscribers – they also have a very clear and cool downloadable resources  like getting started and rookie mistake.
  • Monitor visitors to your websiteGoogle Analytics – evaluate and analyse your web stuff
  • Evaluation – Survey Monkey – I am sure most of you already use this, although I  introduced this tool to someone just the other day. Its a great tool to collect, analyse, and cross tabulate evaluation data,  and to produce reports from your evaluation.
  • Ticketing/ Event attendance  – Eventbrite  & Attending – both of these let you manage capacity and attendance of your free event for free. You can also sell tickets for your events on eventbrite but there is a charge
  • Project task listTrello – Online to do boards that can be used to manage projects, collate and share ideas for free



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