Thank you for visiting Culture in Colour.

I started this blog to make notes on work, ideas and practices in Heritage, Arts and Culture that are different, especially those that does not come from the mainstream overpowering cultures.

You have come to the right place if you were looking :

    • For something new, and different to add to your online media feed,
    • To break your social media silo and bubble which makes you see the same kind of “content” from the same kind of people,
    • Creative ideas and stories that are interesting
    • Collages, I think that collage represents our world in the best way. It is layered, a hodge-podge of different elements that sometimes absurd and surreal.

If you have ideas and stories that amplify voices, talents, history, and a variety of aspects from indigenous and minority cultures and countries please do share in the comment section below.

Have Fun,


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