Fun and Animated Moving Exhibition Posters

Hi There,

You know I am a sucker for new approaches on stuff. Lately, there has been a surge on AI based image modification tools. My Heritage released a Deep Nostalgia web-app for people to upload a picture, usually old ones, and the app will make the person’s face moves around.

It is meant to animate your ancestor. A few things on this – you can only upload if you sign up; only animate 1 person on the image of multiple people; and the movement are very limited. It just reminded me of that line in Twilight when Edward teaches what’s her name to be human, I think he said something like “just fidget a bit, blink your eyes, don’t stay still, human fidgets a lot.

I did think at the time, we can certainly make some kind of design for an exhibition advertising using that for online promotion. If only you can use voices on this.

First Order Motion Model- Avatarify

Then, last night a friend of ours who is also crazy about new tech sent us multiple videos that uses similar technology to animate any picture, any number of person, with voice or even songs. The app is called Avatarify app. This morning I saw an animation of a few old paintings singing uplifting songs using the same app. It looks pretty fun.

I almost downloaded the app myself, but I decided against it, I can explain in some other time why. Anyway.

It would be really interesting to see museums and galleries using these technologies on some of their advertising campaign, right?

Although, I think I’d prefer it if museums and galleries hire proper artists and designers to do moving posters. Such as these amazing talents:

Baptiste Picq

Perhaps this motion designer. His work published on Instagram is animating some of those incredible legendary paintings to something funny, paintings from Kupka’s Yellow Scale to Margritte’s Infinite Recognition.

Check it out!

Minhyuk Jo

His moving poster for a Samsung exhibition called Ordinary Oddinary is just striking and fun. It works so well on social media and websites. Check his other work out here

I am really excited about this prospect of animated posters and designs not just simple letters moving up and down, side to side! What do you think?

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