Truck Art Project 2010

I was clearing out my MacBook from the unknown debris that is filling out my hard drive, when I found these. Photos I took for our Cultural Olympiad. Remember that amazing year filled with that heart warming activity that is London Olympics?

Well for those who don’t know the Cultural Olympiad project started two years prior to the Olympics. Arts organisations and museums were participating in a range of activities, concentrating on exchange programmes. Ours was Truck Art. It was really fun for me. I did not only the marketing for the project, but also took these photos, made two videos, managed press, prepared and delivered the big launch.

I thought what made it fun was that the young people involved in the production, pictured here are Ciara and Kiera, who learned techniques and the story behind the Pakistani artisan Haider’s work. The decorated Bedford truck is now a part of the museum’s collection.



Wordfest – Design

I designed and directed the creation of marketing materials for local literary festival Wordfest. The need was to make the literary festival to be interesting, inclusive and striking.

  • Artwork and layout: Karen Newman – Polka Dot Design
  • Year: 2015
  • Organisation: Luton Culture




  • Created:
    • Booklet
    • Postcards with highlight event
    • Different sized posters and banners
    • Advertisements
    • Templates for online content
    • Many more


Museum Makers – Design Direction

The idea behind this was that we consider that the museum’s local community and volunteers are essential part of the development of the museum. They therefore need to feel that they own the museum, and that the museum is part of them as well.

Instead of the more used puzzle to describe this, we suggested Model making kit such as airfix as an idea to the designers, who in this case is Creative Spark. We also liked the idea that the people running the programme would be working to develop the relationship and be the glue of the airfix. The image below belong to Britmodeller forum.


Creative Sparks then came up with the main colours and key elements designs mainly for the Museum Makers website as you can see the M and the Museum Makers logo has the connecting devices looking like an airfix model.MuseumMakers.png

We then used the elements to other material, we also developed different marketing materials, working with Polka Dot designs.

We created from leaflets to balloons, from vinyl stickers to cover the museum’s windows to lanyard to t-shirts to donation box.


We here was Luton Culture Communication Team and Museum Makers team which was: Laura Lewis, Karlina Craig Barton, Jemma Murphy, Kate John, and Angela Rivers.