Pop up market london

Sharing Economy and the museum world

At Stockwood Discovery Centre, we have been running a market-like event called Country Fair over Easter Bank Holidays for a while now. And over the last few years we have tried to run similar fairs in both museums at Christmas. The attendance seems to have been really good. To participate and have a stall at these fairs, anyone can just book and pay for their space in advance. Which is a commonly known market operation.

Last year though, I came across a new concept, new to me anyway, which is the Curated Pop-Up Market, Renegade Craft Fair, in Brick Lane, London. Continue reading

Ursula YSP

Should everyone write about art? Or shall we leave it up to the critics?

I went into the Guardian Masterclass ‘How to be Art/Culture Critic’ wanting to learn a bit more about expressing my thoughts on arts such as theatre and contemporary art beyond saying ‘I like it’ or ‘I enjoyed it’. I know there is nothing wrong with that, but as a marketing professional, I know that is just not good enough. Why do I like it? or why do I enjoy it? Or more to the point, for writing a blog update, why would anyone else enjoy it, or what value would anyone find in the pieces I have experienced? How best to portray this in writing that does not put people off enjoying art and culture?

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