The Art Institute of Chicago – the best museum in the world?

‘How best to start this blog?’, I thought. An update about the best museum in the world, according to Tripadvisor, should do it. A gallery I visited late last year.

I was wondering how they measured ‘the best’, so I compared it with another gallery I have been to, London’s National Portrait Gallery, which is no.12 on the Tripadvisor list. It seems that although NPG had more ‘Excellent’ ratings it also had slightly more Poor and Terrible ratings from tourists.

Lion in front of Art institute Chicago

From regularly analysing visitors’ feedback about their visits to the museums I work in, I think the experience people have is really subjective. It depends on the weather, other visitors at that specific time, interest in the objects/collection displayed etc. It is hard to be objective. I personally think that The Art Institute of Chicago is not far superior to the V&A or the Tate Modern or British Museum. Especially in terms of value considering that the latter museums does not charge for entry. The Art Institute charges $23 per person.

Saying that, I don’t mean that the Gallery was not impressive, nor do I mean I didn’t enjoy my time there. The gallery was impressive and I really enjoyed my time there, I would have loved to stay longer if I didn’t have to catch the train back.

Here are some photos I took. I get really disappointed when I can’t take pictures in a museum. The Art Institute was actually encouraging visitors to do so. Great!

Rainy Day Gustave Caillebotte Art Institute Chicago


I love this art installation.

Penetrable de Chicago by Jesus Rafael Soto Art Institute Chicago

The gallery is huge and can be overwhelming. I think it is definitely worth taking the audio guide. Or if you want to save some money then they have great printed mini guides and free apps to download using their free WIFI. (I’ll do another update to share and review their communication materials)

Hall with a view Art Institute Chicago

Photographs at Art Institute of Chicago

If you have a lot of time visiting Chicago and love art I would highly recommend allowing a whole day to spend at the gallery.

paintings at art institute Chicago

Have you been? Do you think that it is the best museum in the world?

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