Stars Data turn Cinematic Experience – Unfold by Ryoichi Kurokawa

Sometimes I can’t get over how we get to see art for free, amazing ones at that too. That is one of the thoughts I had after seeing Ryoichi Kurokawa: unfold, at FACT, Liverpool.

The 15 minutes 3-D video graphic piece is presented on 3 large screens suspended in a black box room. Kurokawa took data of Molecular cloud gathered by Research Institute into the Fundamental Laws of the Universe (CEA Irfu, Paris-Saclay), and turned them into an immersive cinematic experience. He made the observational and simulation data that the scientist used to determine how stars like our sun are formed, to something that has spectacular sound, and vibrates you. The bursts and changes in the galactic-data-cloud make the experience feels like being in a room where a very frantic yet systematic fireworks went off for 15 minutes with surround sound.

Watch this trailer video using your headphones.

The piece itself is already overwhelming, but the concept of using data of how stars form into an artwork is extraordinary, right?

Here is a bit from an astrophysicist and Kurokawa about the work:

People were able to watch the piece for free Tuesday – Sunday, until 15 June at FACT.  If you don’t get to watch it at FACT, I am sure that the piece will tour in different places just follow FACT social media for more details. When you do catch it, the piece is best enjoyed if you sit on the floor. Let me know what you think about it. Have you seen any similar pieces, where art is produced using  scientific findings, data or even scientific experiments? I’d love to find more of these pieces.

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