Museum of Socialist Art, Sofia, Bulgaria

A museum that I wish I could go back to re-visit, with a guide and took better and more photos.

I visited the museum 2 years after it’s opening, I remembered it felt a bit different from any museum I have seen. The welcome was a guard booth at the entrance of a gated space. The guard was the one who sold the tickets to us.

The signs and information panels are mostly in Cyrillic, so it was quite hard to understand. They displayed a lot of propaganda posters and artwork that in today’s design can be seen as cool. With strong lines, particular vibrant colours, and it’s unique Red Star. One reason why I want to go back there is that I didn’t take any pictures of these posters.

I was too fascinated by the “graveyard” of statues. This graveyard is what popped into my mind with the ongoing discussions that we are having about statues.

Another reason I want to see it again is because it was so different, I wondered whether it has changed, whether there are any other additions to the museum, special exhibitions? etc. Plus Sofia has also recently opened a Museum of Everyday Life in Socialist Bulgaria called the Red Flat. I think this will be fascinating to see.

Have you been to any of these museum? What did you think of them?

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