A Postcard from the past

Hi there,

Remember when I said that time seems to help our thoughts and conversations to ripen. You know, when I talked about the email conversation between Sophie Collins and Will Harris.

This week, I just discovered Love from Cleethorpes. It is a drama in the form of six postcards mailed directly to the your door. It is a story of young love started in 1987, lost love and new beginnings according to the production company New Perspective.

A collage,  a picture of a postcard  on top of a picture of a shimmering sea. The postcard depicts a pier on a beach, and a pink round stamp mark on top saying Love from cleethorpes by new perspectives a drama in six postcards

I wonder what would the experience of receiving and reading postcards that contains stories from the past would feel like. Will it feel immersive? Or could I see that mix between literature and script writing? Having read The Guardian review, A gentle and touching new story. It made me even more intrigued.

The nextShow’ starts on 25 January 2021. So it is definitely in my Christmas wish list.

Let see what time brings to this experience. What about you? What is in your Christmas wish list?

Keep Warm,


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